All our bracelets are set in sterling solid silver and fully hallmarked. They each come with an Oskar presentation box.
    • Cubed Bracelet
    • £59.00
      Small square segments of cognac amber surrounded in sterling silver. There are matching earrings available.
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    • Triple Spot Bangle
    • £79.00
      A silver bangle supporting three round pieces of amber. The spots of amber increase in size and are of slightly differing hues of cognac amber.  The bangle is about 6cms wide, but can be shaped to fit larger or smaller wrists. Hallmarked sterling silver.
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    • Leaf Bangle
    • £149.00
      A large piece of amber attached to a silver leaf. The leaf forms part of a solid but open-backed bangle. The silver leaf is nearly 6cms long. The bangle is about 7cms wide, but can be shaped to fit smaller or larger wrists.  Matching earrings and pendant are also available.  Hallmarked sterling silver.
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    • Droplets Bracelet
    • £39.00
      Straight silver links each finished with an amber droplet.  This bracelet is about 18cms long. This is part of a range of items including earrings, pendants, necklaces and brooches. Search for 'Droplets'
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